Camp Fire Questions ..part 2

The major camp fire question that burned on my heart was, "When you die, what do you hope you will be remembered for the most?" Some of you responded with your desires at this post. Here is mine.

I pray with all my heart that when I die, that people will remember me for how I loved others. Since I can remember I have always desired to love people in some way. I remember a time in highschool when a student died in an awful accident. Many of the students around me were in pain. Sitting around the lunch table, I commented that I wished I could just take everyone of the hurting students and hug them.

I was horribly ridiculed for my statement. And frankly it took me quite a while to get over my fellow classmates jokes. But always inside I kept wanting to show people that it would be okay. I wanted to give them something to hold onto. I just didn't know how to do it the right way.

When Christ came into my life, there was finally an answer to my heart. For all the years that I had wanted to help, give, take care, and love others but struggled at doing so, I finally came across the "KEY." His love through me was how I would be able to really love others.

Now my heart burns with the desire to show all people the way to being loved. I pray that I will always be an open vessel for His love to come forth. The best part about loving others, is that you constantly learn how to do it. There's always a new way.

That is what I want to be remembered for.


  1. It is a wonderful question. I guess I didn't answer it because I feel that in this world we are so quickly forgotten after only 50-100 years.

    That is why it is so important to put your main interest in something bigger than us...something that lasts for eternity.

  2. Well, It's a great question. And I'd say you are well on your way to fulfilling your wish. Your love for the people around you comes thru clearly in this blog, and for those of us blessed enough to know you personally, in your interactions face-to-face!

    In fact, I remember many times of serving with you in Moms group when you cried with love over the women we were serving, as we planned meetings and ministries. Your heart for the people the Lord plants in your path is a great testimony for all of us.

  3. What a beautiful heart you have.

    And what a deep question to ask around the campfire :)

    Thank you for all your camping advise on my post, I really appreciated it and really look forward to getting out there and doing it. And don't ever worry, you can write as long of comments as you want :)

  4. I think that's a wonderful answer. Isn't it sad when people misunderstand and pervert such a sweet, pure desire? As Christians we are called to love - what a fantastic way to be remembered.

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