Moving On

I turned 34 the other day....

I suppose that means I have officially hit my mid thirties.

No so sure how I feel about that.

So with a new age, a still strong desire to write, and this nagging feeling to start something new and fun.... I have decided to close this blog down.

And start a new one....

You can join me now at

Update your readers peeps.

Finishing 2010

It seems like the ability to actually sit down long enough to write on my blog is an impossibility. An almost 1 year old and two homeschoolin' boys seem to have my attention non stop. Cory's job includes rotating shifts that keep him from home over 14 hours a work day. Of course, normal life includes never ending laundry, dishes, and chores.

I miss writing... However, Christmas is 6 days away, the end of the year will follow and I must at least wrap up this years portion of my blog. (It's my goal to begin writing again, with the onset of the 2011).

A year of transition is the best way of summing up 2010.

I can’t even begin to express the joy that came at the beginning of 2010 in the birth of our Simon David. I am telling you with all sincerity, his birth was the total highlight of our year. He literally has brought daily laughs, tears of joy, and fun to our entire family.

Watching Elijah and Zach grow this year was the next highlight of our year.

Elijah, now 8, is an amazing boy. His tenacity for life is coupled with a deep sense of compassion and servant hood. I admire him and how he loves the Lord. This year, he specifically grew in listening to our God. Many times he came to me, telling me what he believed the Lord was speaking. My heart would just grow with joy as God’s words would unfold in front of me through my sweet son.

Zach, 6, is still my nature boy. This child could play outside all day long if we allowed him to. He is convinced that he will be a hunter when he grows up and has taken to admiring his Uncle Chad all the time! When I am around Zach, I feel this sweet sense of God’s peace. Zach still does not know it yet, but just his very presence carries the tranquility of God’s grace with him.

Cory and I had a tough year. Operating on deep prayer, a word from God, and a dream we packed up our home in North Carolina and moved back to PA. Our good byes were hard and not exactly knowing what was in front of us was scary at times.

And while, many of you know that it was certainly not a cake walk, we still stand firm trusting our God in where He has placed us.

As 2010 ends, we stand before our God thankful for the following

*our marriage that continues to deepen and grow
*our boys – who amaze us
*our health
*our families
*our friends
*Cory’s job
* a place to call home
* HOPE – that comes only through knowing and trusting in Him.

I would be lying, if I didn't admit that I am very ready for 2010 to be over. I have a good feeling about 2011! Although, I have to admit, in many ways, there is no where to go but up!!! (I'm literally chuckling as I write that!)

Regardless, Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!


Last night we attended our 15 year class reunion. Maybe I'll be the only one to openly admit it, but I was a bit nervous as Cory and I climbed the stairs towards the get together. Many of these people I haven't seen since the day we graduated. In my own way, I have changed so much in the last 15 years.

I remember teachers, parents, and many adults telling us as high schoolers, that these were the best days of our lives. We were encouraged to get involved, to try things out, to learn as much as we could and to cherish each day.

For me my high school years were full of hurt and a quest of trying to figure out who I was. My home life was falling apart, I was struggling with depression, and I desperately just wanted to be loved and encouraged in who I was supposed to be. Those years, were not my best.

Just to clarify, my desperate time in life had absolutely nothing to do with the people I was surrounded by. Each classmate was going through their own teen years. Nobody was perfect or had it all together themselves. We were, what we were - adolescents!

Reunions can be a lesson in confidence. Have you come to a place of knowing who you are? Are you comfortable with yourself? Can you walk into a crowd of now adults and appreciate who each person is, what choices they have made with their lives, and how they have gotten there?

I loved going to my class reunion last night. I looked at each person with memories of who they were and admired who they became. Many of us whipped out wallets, phones and more to gloat over our children. While others discussed the details of the incredible jobs they were working in. Some people traveled from Tennessee, Virginia, and New York to share in the memories of our own childhoods.

We grew up. Somehow we figured out who we were as individuals. We braved the good times and the bad times of our pasts and shared who we are now.

Last night we laughed as we watched our fourth grade class commercials. We sobered up as we viewed pictures of those we had lost. We inquired and questioned each other over those that were not there. Pictures (and drinks) flowed freely, many of us remembering who we were during those days.

As Cory and I walked down the steps, on our way home, I sighed. It was a good night, a beautiful group of people, and an opportunity to remember that those years shaped who I am now. For that I am thankful!

Radical Love in a Normal Life

I've been struggling for awhile now, trying to understand who I am in where I am. Everything we have learned and grown in over the last 4 years and to come back to home, what do I do?

My heart has always been twisted and turned, scrunched up and passionate - for people who need to be LOVED.

I had left home believing that we were becoming equipped to go out and love. To share, to help, to give .... that's all I have ever wanted to do.

Yet, I am here.

So, I pour out the love that is stored up inside of me on who God has placed in my life. My children, family, friends. And I DO love them all, with every ounce of my being.

Somedays, I can't help but struggle inside. I don't want normal. I don't want a cushy house and a job with all the benefits and daily life to be what the ugly american dream is all about.

But, truthfully, there are many days I do want it. I just want security.

I read this post today. My heart and body cried with her. I get it.... I get it....

~ Finding radical love in a normal life, right now .....

Mornings and Thanksgivings

There is something about mornings and me. We get along but not really. You see, I never fully wake up until I have been moving around for awhile. Usually my achy body is lumbering out of bed while all three of the kiddos are already smiling, screaming, or needing something.

I have the desire to be one of those moms, you know the one who has it beautifully together by 6 am. My dreams include getting up around 5:30 ish, turning on quiet music, taking a shower, lighting candles and baking a healthy breakfast. When the kids wake up, they come downstairs to a mama who is refreshed and full of quiet joy.

I've done it before. You know getting up at least an hour or more before the kids, showering, making breakfast and even lighting candles. Our day seems so much better when it starts out with peace and love.

But since I'm not perfect and I do have quite an achy body, I do my best. This morning, I was looking out my kitchen window. The above picture is what I stare at in the mornings while I drink my cup of coffee and tune out the chatter that is going on. I stare and drink in the day. I watch for deer and egrets and I take a deep breath. It seems like everyone has already started before me and I have to catch up.

Even though I don't have it all together, staring at the beauty that God has created just quiets my soul and prepares me for the day. I find myself thankful ....

for where we are
what He is in my life
my husband
my three adorable boys
for daily Hope
for this life

And then, I kick it into gear, turning my attention to the three boys that call me Mama. For as much as I complain and struggle with selfish desires, deep down I am more then grateful, I am blessed with ALL that He has provided for me.

What's a Girl Supposed to Do? Really....

Okay peeps, I need some ideas. It's the age old question, the issue that is among many of those who choose to stay at home with their babies or homeschool or both ~ we need some extra income....

A one income household is always running on the tight end of life. My husband is a wonderful provider. Seriously, there are no complaints on this end with his work ethic and his dedication to provide for our family.

But lets be real, we've got school debt, a house we want to buy, thoughts of adoption in the future, and plenty of expenses with three kids, renovations, and life in general. A little extra moolah would be helpful all around.

I need some creative ideas. Help me! Let's put our heads together and think of things outside of the normal job box!

Here's the scenario.... whatever I do needs to be at home, flexible and have the ability for me to put it aside and focus on school curriculum's, diapers, dinners, legos, and anything else this family needs. My first priority is to continue being the wife and mom I'm suppose to be. Second, I can't plan to leave the house in the evenings or weekends... nope, my husbands current job has a rotating schedule that includes weekends and working 12 hour shifts. Yep, I'm the primary one at home. Third, what am I actually good at? Well, in the worlds eyes, not a whole lot. I mean I've got some talents - my own ones like writing, baking, painting, decorating, funkifying something up, organizing, encouraging people, teaching, etc.

What I am not good at??? Selling things - for real, I couldn't be a P*mp*red Ch*f consultant or anything along those lines, to save my life. And don't make me call people - I can't even stay connected to my friends and family from afar. Who has time to get on a phone and talk with three kids running around?

Yeah.... see the issue here? What in the world could I do that would help out a little with some of the bills around here?

There has to be someone out there that has a good, creative, interesting idea!

6 Year Old Swinging, 6 Year Old Thinking

I love, love, love this little boy of mine. The other day he was swinging on the tire swing in the yard with one arm to hold on with, like a monkey. At the highest point of the swing, he fell flat on his face. I was sure that he had broken his nose and was going to look up without any teeth. Thankfully, he was bloodless and only bruised. Whew!

Not more then 10 minutes later he and his brother we playing with a rope and the tire swing (again). His brother pulled the rope through the swing very hard and rope burned Zach's hands. The above pic is my little Z-man, bruised and band aided up. Boy did he get some serious cuddles that night.

Here I Am
written by Zach for school work

My feet are for walking and jumping.

My nose is for smelling whoopie pies and cake. Yummy!!!

My ears are for hearing the ocean and cars.

My elbows can punch!

My brain is for thinking about raining Legos!

My fingers are for feeling something sticky and snapping and building! WOW!!

My tongue is for tasting oranges, pineapples, and cookies!

My eyes are for seeing stars and Lego things I make. Big eyeballs!

I like my body!

I love my little boy! Bruises, band aids, silly stories, and all!