If Only....

I was talking with my husband today. "I need to learn how to stop stressing," I told him. He chuckled, "you are learning babe."

My reply, "yes, but I wish I had it down now, not later."

Which sent him into even more laughter. Because of course, only I get stressed over stressing!

My house is torn to pieces as we are packing to move. Yes, if I haven't told you already (it's really not personal) we are moving back to PA .... in one month. So, I have boxes everywhere and dirty floors and piles of what I plan to sell or give away.

Then all three of my kids have been battling viruses or infections. I'm more then personally acquainted with my doctor these days and tired of visiting my local Walgreens.

I'm trying to finish up homeschooling before we move. That is on top of being a bit behind, because I had a baby this year. The kids are dutifully doing their work and putting up with my whip master attitude on it all.

The house we are moving to is going to require a ton of work. So in amongst packing this house up, I am throwing around paint ideas and construction thoughts, as well as how to deep clean the in ground pool that comes with the house.

I started massage therapy for my fibro pain, hoping to relieve some of the tension in my body. Instead, my body is reacting to the years of tense muscles and causing my days to be rather ouchy.

I need peace and quiet. I'm in serious need of some alone time. I'm dying for a moment where someone doesn't need me or isn't spilling something or crying or has a question or something. My mothering skills are beyond lacking for the level of stress I feel.

If only, I could just have this whole stress thing figured out by now.... if only!


  1. Praying that God will give you grace as you move into yet another exciting season of your life. :)