Books, Books, Books

I know in the past I have related my love for children's books. When EJ began reading, at 4, I was just so incredibly pleased and excited. My joy came from what I remembered as a child, my days were full of reading lots and lots of wonderful books. I loved to take a book outside and sit under a tree and read, read, read! I used to sneak books outside, or at bedtime, or anywhere else.

Did you know girls read such different books then boys? I know, it is common sense, when you think about it. Logically boys are going to be drawn to such different things then "yucky" girls. Especially when they are, say, age 7!

Friends, I need help! I'm always on a search for good books for my EJ to read. He's such a reader, like his mama was. But, he's just not that into the same series I was in, as a child. Not to mention that I have the problem of what is appropriate for his age, mixed with his level of understanding and reading comprehension. He's a second grader that can easily read and comprehend 4rth grade material. But, goodness I do not want him to devour fourth grade boy humor... not now.. not ever.

One more thing, before I release you to give me your opinions and thoughts.... I'm a bit picky and hard on what I allow my boys to read. I do not allow any books that include magic in them. Which cancels the Magic Treehouse, Magic School Bus, and anything else magic series. He is currently enjoying the Boxcar series and just found Encyclopedia Brown series. I'd love to transition him into some easy but intriguing biographies (again age appropriate!).

Give me some ideas friends! I'm dying to hear some good ideas!


  1. I've had some luck finding old boy books on ebay. Stories about boys who hunted, trapped, camped, went on adventures. I'm trying to think of titles off the top of my head...

    Wildcat Furs to China is a good one.
    Rob Whitlock: A pioneer Boy is another. The Willow Whistle is an old book that is one of our favorites, of both the boys and girls (Mama and Papa too). Our Andrew also loves My Side of the Mountain, the content of which is great as long as you make sure to stress that a boy really could not run away from the city and live by himself in the country! Andrew has that book memorized.
    I also get book ideas from Vision Forum and order them off half or from the library.
    Hope this helps!

  2. TCC has some good suggestions. If she doesn't comment (though I'm sure she will), make sure you email her and ask her.