Dear Little One Inside,

I'm writing to you now, because I hope someday you look back on this letter and know in your heart just how loved you already are.

Within a few weeks of finding out that I was pregnant with you, I was laying in bed nausea's and exhausted, anxiously poking my belly to feel the hardness that begins with pregnancy. It was then that I realized that I already loved you. You weren't more then the size of a pea, but my heart was full of love and joy when I thought of you.

Someday, maybe you will understand this, but at 6-8 weeks pregnant it can be hard for me to really identify with the beginnings of a child inside of me. Yet, somehow I already knew I wanted you. I had been desiring you for years. Many times I would go to your daddy on earth and your Father in Heaven asking, begging them both, when would I hold my next child? Finally we heard the word, it was time and you were created!

I'm almost half way through this pregnancy. And my heart is overflowing with joy and excitement. Soon, I'll be holding you, singing to you, watching you grow up with my other two most favorite people in this world, your brothers!

Child of mine, I want you to know ~ you are wanted. You are an answer to my prayers. You are already cherished. You are loved. You, my child, are already adored!


  1. Precious words. What a gift you are to your children! They are truly blessed.

  2. Love this. What a sweet record of your feelings and thoughts. Thanks for sharing them and reminding me how precious our little gifts all are!