Don't tell anyone, but I skipped my class today. I had too. I really did. I'm tired and behind on everything that seems to matter to me, most importantly time with my children and some quiet moments.

So we took a picnic to the park this afternoon, placed a blanket on the ground, ate some pb&j's and inhaled the sweet smell of the beginnings of fall. We took a short walk in the woods, crunching some of the leaves under our feet. And then while the kids played, I began a the book, Little Men, by Lousia May Alcott (an all time favorite author of mine!).

The kids are taking a bit of quiet time right now and I am hoping to putz around the house as well as do some much needed cooking and baking. After dinner tonight and before the sun sets, I want to go explore an old cemetery, another enjoyable past time of mine. Lastly, I will refuse to break out my books or lesson plans this evening and instead choose to either continue on with my book or watch another episode of Dr. Quinn (still addicted!).

Sometimes its good to take breaks!

Enjoy your Wednesday!