This morning CJ commented that sometimes I look like the crazy mom in a comic strip on a Sunday morning. I'm standing still in the kitchen and life, I mean, LIFE is swirling around me and I'm trying to keep up with it all.

I chuckled at him because that is how I feel in this funny house of mine. Kids are chasing the cat, husband is searching for something to bring for lunch, granny is trying to down a cup of coffee so that she can wake up a bit faster, the three girls are chatting about boy news and so on. And I, well I'm trying to keep up on everyone while juggling my own thoughts.

I love my TESOL class. I really do. It's furthering my desire to really impart life, truth, joy, and plain ol normal life skills in anyone I can get my hands on. I spend hours pouring over my lesson plans, working details far beyond just how to pronounce a certain word, or grammatical tenses. Can I aid them in a life skill, even in an English class? Can I weave an ability to grow into this lesson too?

Home, class, people, kids, husband, my God... sometimes it all seems a bit overwhelming. Good, but overwhelming. My heart yearns for some peace, quiet, solitude.

It's interesting how I'm really beginning to adore the little things in life. Each passing day, week, month or season of my life, is drawing more and more out of me. Once I found joy in much of the man made things in life.

Now, in a very busy, very chaotic season of my life, I am finding my heart yearning and enjoying those things that God has created. My children.... snuggling with them.... inhaling their scents at this particular age. A quiet pond, with hungry ducks and stale bread. The hope of making a crisp with newly picked apples. Simple piano music in the background, while I ponder over my lessons. Sweet quiet time with my Abba... wondering just what is on His heart for the day. Those are the simple joys of my life at this moment.


  1. These pics are all gorgeous. I especially love the last one - oh to be sitting on that deck with my hot coffee and sugar free hazelnut creamer in a big tigger mug. But, your mug is much prettier and fits the scene so much better. Love You and so happy to hear that you are loving your season right now!