(painting done by EJ)

I'm supposed to be lesson planning right now. I have about 8 weeks worth that I need to get done asap. But, really my hands just want to type and my head wants to write. I don't know if you actually log onto my blog or if you read it in bloglines, like I do for everyone else. But, when its time for me to write a post, I generally have my site up just to listen to the sweet piano music that I have on my playlist. I could listen to it over and over again for hours. I enjoy it that much.

This has been a good week for me. I feel lighter then I have in a long time. And I feel like I am actually enjoying God again, which is a relief.

Last night we had Lindell Cooley at our church. He was the worship leader at the Brownsville Revival, over 10 years ago. Now, he pastors Grace Church in Nashville while still doing worship. Last night, he brought such a sweet sense of the spirit of the Lord with him. And when it was time for him to preach, he spoke from his heart sharing that in a time where so many are looking for the miracles, signs and wonders, we need to be delving deeper into the word of God.

He talked about perseverance in the Lord. In a microwave society that we are in, we want to skip the work and diligence of reading the word and go straight to the power. And yet, if we miss out on the word, we won't withstand the wait from God.

It's good for me. I struggle with reading my bible regularly. And yet, if there is anything God has been teaching me about in this season of our lives its perseverance.

We had a bit of a breakthrough recently in our lives. And last night as I was worshipping I was thrilled with our Lord. I was ever so grateful for Him. Quietly in my mind, I was working hard to log what it feels like to have this breakthrough. So that when times get tough again, I will have the strength to persevere and the trust to wait until His perfect timing comes.

PS - Rita Springer attends our church. Last night CJ formerly introduced the two of us. You know what she said, "Now aren't you just pretty!" To me!!! Yea, I'm not sure if she says that to everyone or not. But, I'm going to pretend she doesn't and I'm going to savor the compliment!


  1. Beautiful piano music.
    Guilty of reading in bloglines.
    I was listening to Rita just the other day. Bless her heart. I think she was speaking directly to YOU.

  2. I think Rita is right

  3. I often use my reader, but I do enjoy visiting everyone's blogs in person sometimes to get the whole picture. The music is beautiful, and very peaceful. I need that.

    Blessings to you and your family.

  4. It was a compliment, and true! Savor away.