The Middle of the Night is Interesting Here Too

This morning I woke up ........ on the floor. I'm not quite sure what the details included as to how I made it down there. We did have a huge thunderstorm that included losing all electricity for some hours. Of course the loss of light, brought a certain little 4 year old into our room for a secured nights sleep.

And so sometime in the middle of the night, I think I got a bit cramped with CJ's normal flamingo stance of sleep patterns and crawled down to the floor to sleep next to the warm thumb sucking, Z man. I think that is what happened.

The funny thing was, CJ, who woke up after a crash from Diesel's, the cat, mid night romping, to find his bride not in bed with him.

CJ: Bec - where are you?

Me: here.

CJ: Are you .... on .... the ... floor?

Me: (mumbled but sort of surprised too.....) yea, yea I am.

CJ: Why?

Me: I don't know. I just am.

CJ: Well... get back into bed.

Me: No, not yet. (snore)

I'm feeling a bit more sore this morning. I'm definitely dragging. I'm hoping for a cup of coffee and some Aleve. Oh, no ... I'm beginning to sound like my father.


  1. Rather comical.
    Whatever works for ya sister.

  2. Pretty funny! We had a storm here this morning but it didn't last very long. Last night, Michael wanted to sleep on his floor in his sleeping bag.

    Ok, I'm done here, but I'm going to leave this tab open so I can listen to the music some more. :)