I Guess I'm Not Doolittle After All

Diesel (the cat) ate one of the butterflies for lunch yesterday. But shh...don't tell the kids. They haven't fully noticed it yet. It turns out one of the girls (living with us) found the said butterfly dec*pitated. Pour little guy!

We got 8 more cocoons in the mail today. My MIL is the one who is sending them to me. She planted milkweed to attract caterpillars. Then she captures the cocoons to give out to fascinated family members.

I'm passing on some of my bounty to a couple other homeschooling families around here.

So, far we are still hanging onto the turtle. But CJ left me a very concerned note this morning, worried that he was dead too. Jonah must have been sleeping... because I found him quite active this morning when Diesel was continuing his efforts in friendship.

Maybe when we are done exploring the turtle, we should pass him on to another family too.

Hmm... which gets me to thinking.... can I pass my cat on for a bit? Or how about the kids? Just for an afternoon or two or four....