Daily Routines

Do you have patterns or routines that you follow?

I find that I vary on mine. Consistency tends to be my biggest problem in life. I can keep up with a routine or pattern for about 6 -7 weeks, sometimes much longer. But inevitably something bumps me off of it and then I spend a month or so working on trying to get myself back into it.

School started back up in our home. With it, brought on the routines again. Mornings include chores, breakfast, piano practice, reading, bible time, and school work. Afternoons are a bit freer for the kids. However for me, my afternoons may include lesson planning, running errands, reading blogs, and more.

I have funny little mental routines too. Like I can't drink a cup of coffee in the morning until I drink about 32 oz of water first. Or I tend to take my multivitamin (which is as big as a horses pill and has made me gag several times already) first before I pop any of the other pills in my mouth. And when I read my bible and journal, I like to write down what I read and the specific verse that I am focusing on before I write anything else.

When I get back into a routine or a pattern of life, I feel good, productive, on top of it all. I feel accomplished and as though I am managing things somewhat well. Still, truth be told, I spend alot of mental time writing a list of all the things I haven't accomplished. It rather feels never ending to me.

So, what about you? Do you excel with a routine? Or are you more fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl? Do you struggle with sticking to a daily pattern for more then 2 months or so, like me? Or do you find that life is regular and you know what to expect in your days?

Share with me.


  1. Life is more comfortable for me when I follow a routine. I like schedules. It's just how I'm wired.

  2. I am terrible with routines. I mean, they're good when I have them and follow them, and some have stuck simply for the kids' benefit... but those are only the most basic ones!

    Consistency is also one of my biggest problems. See, I got a big fat zero on Discipline in the recent quiz! I do accomplish a lot in some areas by using routine, but often I feel constricted as well, like I'm missing a lot of other things because I don't know how to properly schedule them into life. So then I fall off the routine and just do what motivates me most.