Peacefully Quiet

Last night, I was standing in church, during worship time and I found myself peacefully quiet. Everyone around me was jumping up and down, people were being touched by the Lord, and much was going on. I, on the other hand, just stood there. For a bit, I fought God, internally with the issues that are weighing on my mind. I even began to push myself into worship time, trying to not be passed by, as He was in the room.

And then this feeling of, "its okay," to be quiet came over me. I continued on standing there quietly, with my lips resting together.

That is how I feel about much of my life right now. I'm in a season of being really quiet.

My mind is churning these days. I've identified that God is completely re doing my foundation in Him right now. Who do I worship... the church? The people I live life with? Or Jesus? What does revival really look like? Where does it start? How set apart am I really from this world? Who is He in me, anymore? Am I compromising anything in my life? What if we really are in the end days? Why can't I give up the control of my own life to Him? And so on...

When I was standing in worship last night, quietly, I realized that this is why I am so quiet in the blog world too. I've been surprised at myself because I haven't missed writing that much.

But being quiet is good and healthy. And letting God rearrange me, change me, and restore me is what is needed more then anything else.

So friends, I'm still on break right now. I haven't forgotten you.. I'm just peacefully quiet.


  1. love your heart!

  2. Good for you. :)

    Psa 119:114 You're my place of quiet retreat; I wait for your Word to renew me.

  3. Beautiful!! Life is so busy and I think it's beautiful that you know when you need to be quiet. May God bless you in this time

  4. Just thinking of you.

  5. Time to stop being quiet :-). Or you can keep being quiet, just come down here to do it!

    Love ~ Val

  6. Being quiet .....Ohhh...its so necessary in life for sometimes....this is the time when we the human beings can feel that God is with us...

  7. *whispering*

    Hi...don't want to interrupt your quiet time...just wanted to say thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday.

    I hope you'll visit again when you get back to blogging because I would love to get to know you better.:)

    ♥ Melissa~
    Pink Paper Peppermints