So to Speak

There is something about taking time off from talking. I'm quieter then I've ever been in my whole entire life. Sometimes that is good. Sometimes not so good.

I've thought alot about my time off from blogging. Do I miss it? Honestly, no. I'm surprised at myself. I do miss writing. Infact, I still write in my head regularly. I start pondering a "post" as I am cooking, baking, cleaning, driving, etc. However, sitting down and actually writing it, is another story. But today, it seems as if it is time to speak.

My summer has been hot but pleasant. I've taken up a swim aerobics class and just tried out Zumba, a latin american dance aerobics class! Talk about sweating your butt off! The kids and I did the reading program, at the local library. They took their share of swim lessons as well. And EJ participated in a soccer day camp. Next week both boys are off to VBS! Yahoo! CJ finished classes last week and began a combination of work and internship this past Monday, with more classes to follow starting in September.

This week is wedding week in our house, as David and Rachael finally tie the knot on Friday evening. Everyone is playing a part in the big day. And starting tonight, we have fun parties, rehearsal, and the main event marked for each evening!

Amongst, all the events and life happenings, my brain has been on over drive as we walk through some hard circumstances and issues. Life is never easy. I worked on a bible study over the last 8 weeks, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. The end challenged me the most, how am I viewing our life? Am I wrestling with God? Am I taking a Jonah approach or a Job approach?

I'm changing the name of my blog and perhaps taking a new outlook on what I want to write about. Mentally, I'm in a real place of needing to choose to enjoy each day. I need to look at each "gem" that I have and treasure it. I need to watch my boys and drink deep their childhood. I need to breathe in deeply and raise my hands upwards. I need to not worry so much about getting to the destination, but start Enjoying the Journey.

So, I decided to go for a new look, new name, new purpose. I'm still "fired up" about our Jesus. Infact, He's the only one that gets me through. But for this season of my life, I want to learn and grow in joy. I want to stop and inhale deeply. I want to enjoy my life, no matter what my circumstances are!


  1. Hello Becky, your post reminded me of another blog I've been reading for a while now and I know you might feel strengthened and encouraged while reading it, it is, it is worth your time.

    Thank you for just being yourself and to be honest and truthfull. I really like that about you!

  2. Like the new name...I pray you truly do "enjoy your journey."

  3. It is SOOOOOO good to have you back in the blogosphere. Your voice has been truly missed. So happy your not silencing your voice forever.

  4. So good to hear from you again! I can relate to the whole quiet thing... I can be quite talkative, but go through stages where quiet is more my mood.

    As far as enjoying the journey, I also need to do more of that. Our pastor was just saying how God is "I am", not I was or I will be, because he is ever-present, always living in the present.

    He invites us to live in the present too, not worrying about the future nor being trapped by our past. Boy do I need to learn this!

    Happy wedding week!

  5. Welcome Back, Girl! Whatever your purpose and whatever your blog name, I'm thrilled to see you back and looking forward to seeing your heart poured out on the pages in black and white. I learn much from your writings. I've missed your perspective.

    Have you had a chance to catch up on our family? We've got big stuff going on . . . :) Whoooo HOOOOOO - we're goin' to China!

  6. Love the new look and name.

    Isn't it great to be free to recognize and live through different seasons of life?

  7. Glad you are back. I like the new name too. I am so glad of your new name and hope that you too can live each moment, huh? like my blog title! ;)

  8. I love the new name and look. I am so glad that you are blogging again. I really missed you!

  9. How wonderful to hear that you are doing well. I like the new direction your journey is taking you!