New and Old

It's a new day, a new week, with new grace, and new mercy. Despite some setbacks, in just my own little mind, last week. I'm feeling the hope in my heart from Him, to start this week NEW and fresh.

It's also the end of the trimester for my husband. Which means its finals week. Which means there will be lots of studying and prayer as he finishes out the winter trimester. But the great news in all of this, is that I just may have my husband and father of my children back again.... at least for the month that he is off from classes.

In an effort to wrap up some unfinished business (because I am sure you are all biting your nails in anticipation!)..... I did end up taking the kids out of the house the other day, when I was struggling with this! We went to the library and to McDonalds for a treat and some time to play and then that evening we went to church. Getting out and about did seem to help with the fighting.

And as far as my concerns on this subject....well, I'm still not very far in determining what my traditions are. I did sit down, research biblical meanings of holidays and began a small list of do's and don'ts for our home. Our do list included having people in our home, who have no families to be with. So, that is what we did yesterday. We attended church, enjoyed a nice afternoon around the house, and then had a smashing meal with some students whose families were too far away to celebrate with. It was warm and enjoyable.

Finally, the three week "Sorry, We're Closed" event is over as of this weekend. In all seriousness I could take an extended vacation for another 3 weeks. However, I think there would be an uprising in our home. But I do think we came out of it a bit more peaceful.... a bit!

While there is some good stuff going on in my head these days, I've decided to take the week off from blogging. I want to focus my limited energies on some other goals at hand, mainly seeing my husband through finals week, keeping up with homeschooling, visiting the gym, and getting a sewing project done. We will see if I can actually keep "quiet" this week!

Much Love!


  1. Sounds good - but I will miss your musing. :)

    Have a wonderful week with your family. I'll pray for all of you during finals week.

  2. Have a great week. I was happy to hear about you inviting people over for Easter who didn't have family near by. We did the same for a family at church. It was great.

  3. All will be well, I just know it. :) Have a great week off.

  4. There are days that I do just that...sit down and cry.
    Training up our kids to love and respect their siblings is tough work.

    Also in the thick of it.

    Lord bless our kids! Help them to truly love and respect their sibling. Help us to give it to you. Thank you for your Holy Spirit, who does guide and direct. We need your leading Lord.
    Bring peace to On Fire today. Amen

  5. Thanks for the updates and glad to hear that things are on the upswing. Enjoy your week!