Something I'm Chewing On, That's All

**Please be aware this post represents something going on in my mind. I am not judging you, your family, or how you do things. Smile! Now read on!!! ***

I walked in to the Dollar Store today, needing a few quick items and was bombarded with all the Easter paraphernalia possible. It was the same thing at every stop we made while doing errands. There were chocolate bunnies, eggs, jelly beans, baskets, books, and so on.

My mind started working through the usual. "Another holiday, that doesn't truly represent Christ. What are we going to do? How is our family going to celebrate or not celebrate this? Here come the questions (which are normal) from the boys, get ready."

Each "big" American holiday brings this barrage of issues into my head. Wasn't it just Christmas last week? And Valentines was yesterday, right?

I grew up celebrating all the holidays in a very non christian way. I totally believed in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and so on. As I remember it, it was fun! I loved sitting on Santas lap, with great dreams. And I totally enjoyed collecting jelly beans (a family tradition), searching for our Easter basket, and devouring the chocolate bunny with the sugary eyes.

My predicament lies within my beliefs in Christ. And since neither one of us grew up in the sort of environment that we are raising our children in, we are stuck in finding our own way through the holiday mazes. Things especially changed when we moved away from our families. Its not so easy to travel eight hours one way to sit down for a traditional extended family dinner.

The good thing is, its forcing me to pray and decide just what do we want to do about holidays. What sort of traditions do we want to start? I stare inwardly at myself, challenging my heart, am I being to lenient or too hard? Are we being fanatical or truly honoring the Lord?

It's easy on the big decisions. I don't want to raise my children in believing in a Santa Claus or Easter bunny. I want them to completely honor Jesus. I am solid on that. But its the rest of the details that tend to become a bit more blurry for me. Should I make sweet little baskets up for the kids, because its a fun childhood thing to do? What's the harm in an Easter egg hunt?

While the rest of the world and church tries to justify themselves by coming up with the idea that eggs are representing life and Jesus represents life, etc. Inside, I'm thinking, "c'mon, let's stop stretching the truth and making it work for ourselves. Let's be real." And yet, I've totally taken my child to an egg hunt before. And I love to decorate eggs.

I guess where I am going with this, is I wish I knew just what our holiday traditions included. I wish I was solid in what I knew was right for our family. My oldest will be six in a couple of months. I am ready to have the idea of who we are, what we represent, how we do holidays, for our family. And I don't want to compromise. I'm ready to become more established in our beliefs and what they look like during a holiday.

Feel free to share your thoughts!


  1. We don't do the Easter Bunny, but my Mom does buy the kids baskets and they have hunted eggs. We don't do Santa in the traditional sense, but we do teach our kids about the REAL Santa Claus and who he was and why he's celebrated today. I also have a friend that doesn't celebrate Christmas at gifts, no cards, no parties, no Santa, nothing; and she's a Christian.

    I think that God will honor whatever choice that you make, b/c He knows that you are aiming to glorify Him and teach Him to your kids.

    Love ya ~ Val

  2. Amen, Amen, Amen to what Valarie said. Just a funny thing that happened today that ties into what you were saying about the Easter Bunny. I took all of my sisters to the Humane society and we were checking out the bunnies and Aubrey, who is 5, asked or said not sure which exactly but something to the effect of "When will the bunnies lay their eggs?" It was hilarious. Of course I clarified that bunnies don't lay eggs. But it sure was cute, the innocence of the question.

  3. This is a great post and Mr. Clean and I have already started to pray about what is right for our family. I grew up in a semi-Christian home. Mom was saved, dad wasn't. I remember we had Santa, Easter egg hunts and the Tooth Fairy as well. My mom always explained to us that it wasn't real but at the same time explained what it really meant. I enjoyed easter egg hunts and getting a quarter under my pillow so I now struggle with what to do with my children. I do have a little more time but I would like to be settled on the right choice for us before we get there.

  4. I, too, agree with Valarie and this is an area I struggle with, too. Neither The Husband or I grew up in Christian homes and it is really hard to do away with a lot of traditions. Like you, my kids do not believe in SC and EB, but we still do egg hunts, decorate eggs and I guess when it comes right down to it,I trust that I will be convicted if something does not sit well with me. Example: Halloween. I am pretty much the only one of my Christian friends who does not let the kids trick-or-treat. It really convicts me, but we do decorate pumpkins and try to make the best of it. My kids have begun to question this (especially being in public school this year and knowing their friends from church do it), but I am using this as a great example of being guided by the Holy Spirit and not by "what everyone else is doing". There are other people convicted about watching some of the TV shows that I allow my kids to watch. Same principle applies. This is not to say that we can justify everything....sin is sin and we need to hold everything up to the Word of God.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that you'll find your way by following your heart and asking God to guide you. If something just doesn't sit right with you you'll know.

    And, you know what? Easter egg hunts are FUN! Swapping presents at Christmas is FUN! As long as we fill in the gaps as to WHY we have these holidays it is okay to have some fun with it.

  5. I don't have any advice, except it is probably okay to do it either way. We don't do Santa or the Easter Bunny either except in fun ways. I figure those are no different than any other make believe story. And he is learning about Jesus with religious holidays.

  6. I buy stocking stuffers, and easter basket stuffers. But we never tell the kids that Santa or the Easter Bunny brought the items. They are just given to the kids as something fun. I also don't explain "what" is represented by the eggs.

    I bought these new things called "resurrection eggs" today. Serach online you can buy them at They have 12 eggs and each comes with an item inside to describe the easter story. it is awesome. I used their Christmas nativity set (from the same site) at Christmas and my 2 year old understood the christmas story very well. Even older kids enjoy these things

  7. I struggle so much with this right now. My children are still young enough that I havn't really had to make a decision though I know I need to soon. I have not introduced the whole Santa, easter bunny etc.. thing and we have been teaching the real meaning behind the holiday. But I fight with myself because it just adds a little fun and imagination to their little lives. I try to think that I can do those fun things and still keep Jesus at the center of the holiday but I don't think the kids, at such a young age, WILL keep Jesus in the center.

    I really don't know what to do and we are still praying about the issue. Thank you for the post though, it's a lot to think about. I do also get frustrated in the stores though, Jesus isn't anywhere!!!