Sorry, We're Closed

One year ago last month, CJ and I moved into this home of ours. I love living here, our home is cozy and has enough space for all of us to move around and do our own things. I always thank the Lord for our home, as it is truly a gift from Him. Since we've moved here, we've hosted tons of people either for overnights or meals and always for holidays. It is has truly been enjoyable and fun.

Since my return from Mexico, I have found myself feeling tired, overwhelmed, yet more in love with the Lord. However, even in Guadalajara, I wrote in my journal that I realized I was in a place of needing some space, a time out. I don't judge myself very well and usually I hit the proverbial wall with exhaustion. Many times I'm surprised at myself, as I fall into pieces, feeling overwhelmed and overdone. But this time, I feel as though I am catching it a bit earlier then usual. I am kind of excited that I actually recognized my needs before crashing.

So, we are closing our doors for three weeks. What I mean is, we are not hosting anybody over night or for dinner, lunch, or even breakfast for three whole weeks. We've notified the live in girls that we would appreciate no visitors and have made a pact with ourselves that we are going to work on being hospitable to each other right now.

Recently I read in my bible this verse, "I love the house where you live, O Lord, the place where your glory dwells," Psalms 26:8. My heart was captivated with the thought that even though inside of me, I am feeling more "on fire," my home and the people in it, aren't all feeling that way.

So, I'm on a pursuit over the next 3 weeks to pull in a bit. To quiet my own soul and my house. In doing so, I'm hoping to see more of God dwelling in us. In three weeks time, I hope that all of us are able to give out of the overflow of His glory, that we find.

Funny, but I want to hang a sign on our door saying, "Sorry, we're closed. Come back again sometime!"


  1. Oh girl, how you need those family times. We know that life has been crazy when our son is asking for family time. I know that you guys can do and you will love it!

    ~ Val

  2. What a mature way to deal with this situation. :) You know, I'm sure you do, that our Jesus had to pull back from people often to be with the Father and recharge himself.

  3. I guess I will be cancelling my surprise road trip!

  4. Ummmm...there's always exceptions to the rules, Thrills!

  5. I love to hear your heart. I have been feeling overwhelmed too lately with ministry stuff and people over at our house a lot. I agree with Classic Mama you give others a great way to view this situation. Why not dedicate some time to the Lord and your family instead of (like me) falling to pieces with company on their way or too many ministry meetings piled up.

    Good wisdom!!!Thanks.

  6. What a great idea. As an extrovert to the max (!) I rarely pull back like that, but lately that's what our Friday nights have become. And you know, this weekend, our Saturday night and our Sunday night were too. And I loved it.

    Go curl up in your jammies, grab some good books and spend the time cuddling your boys and relaxing together. I applaud your intentionality in this! When it happens for us, it's rarely so intentional, I'm embarrassed to say. . .

  7. I think you should hang a sign on the door.
    Closed...will reopen on March 23rd.

    Enjoy your time of rest and refocusing.

  8. Excellent idea. I hope you find some peace and rest during this time.