Here are two things I have read or heard over the last couple of days, that are making me think, think, think....

"It seems as if when we (as a whole) shifted from the agricultural age to the industrial age, children went from a blessing to a burden. Children are supposed to be a blessing." Kris Vallaton

"I've learned that children are a precious gift from God. They are not an interruption of my life, but part of the fulfillment of my destiny." Above Rubies

In a moment of transparency, I want to confess that these statements along with some other issues that I am chewing on are making me think mostly about my inadequacies. I have tried 4 different approaches on how to share that in writing, but just can't seem to get it out. Therefore, I won't until its ready.

The quotes though are just so good, that I wanted to share them anyways. So, there you go!


  1. I love those quotes. Children were not a blessing in my family growing up. My husband is one of 7 so they do love and cherish kids. I have struggled off and on with this issue because of my past but I cherish my boys soooo much.

    I dearly want another baby(girl) but it needs to be in God's timing.

    Good stuff to read when I have been sick and down this week. It makes me get my eyes off myself and remember the other people around me.:)

  2. I think Kris Vallaton's quote is a brilliant encapsulation of what is at the root of so many struggles that our nation is facing right now.

    and I think the quote from Above Rubies is brilliant. Just plain brilliant. It makes me sit up and want to be a better mommy. And to fulfill MY destiny and theirs!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. BY THE WAY: Love the new look! Gorgeous and spring-y!

  4. Love the blossoms!

    I know I have always viewed my boys as a blessing - and that is probably largely due to the fact that they are nothing short of miraculous in my book. We prayed so much for them before I ever became pregnant. The more we have learned the more I realize how low the probability of their conception was. And now, I am so grateful that we had to wait for His timing. Not a day goes by that I forget to thank God for blessing me with their lives.

    Thank you for sharing those quotes.

  5. I don't know if that last statement was written properly...I mean that I thank God daily for blessing me with my boys.

  6. I like your new look. Very springy.

    These are great quotes and great timing for me. The kiddos have been driving me out of my mind the last week. AHHHH!

    Today I'm going to look at them as blessings and not burdens. Thank you.

  7. I believe this was for me also. Lately I've been feeling like maybe having another wasn't such a good idea because I can't seem to handle the first one. But I do think that I am selfish and get caught up in what I "have" to do and sometimes view Laney as a burden or interruption. I have been struggling with this recently. I know children are a blessing and I want to live that daily not just say it. Thank you!!!!