Monday's Musings

TCC is at it again this week, with her Monday's Musings. I highly recommend checking her site out for yourself and consider sharing your thoughts too.

Here is this weeks quote:

"I set myself on fire and the people come to see me burn." ~John

God made this quote real to me recently. I woke up early one Sunday morning with a rotten sore throat and feeling as though I had been hit by a mack truck twice. I honestly wanted to crawl back into bed and sleep it all off.But, I had made a commitment to share with the congregation that morning, and up until then had been looking forward to the opportunity. I got out of bed, dragged myself into the shower, did my hair, make up, and clothes. I swallowed some breakfast and gathered my crew.

Arriving in church, I still felt, awful. As worship began, I pulled out my journal and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the above quote. I had written it down days before hand.

I joined in with the worship, allowing God to come to my rescue. I felt the pain and tiredness fall to the wayside. Literally I could feel His glory in our midst. Inside I realized that today was a choice, do I want to burn with Him and share His amazing stories with others or do I just want to get by. His majesty is more thrilling and worth it for me not to. I chose lighting myself on fire, through worship, that morning.

I immersed myself in Him and pushed past the mornings woes. I then shared with our congregation a powerful testimony. The power was from Him. By that time, I was on fire, with joy and excitement in Him.

As I see it John Wesley said, he set himself on fire. Which shows me that he had to make a choice. He probably didn't always feel up to it. I'm sure there were many days that he felt sick and exhausted or would have preferred to go back to bed. Let's be real, I am sure that he too had his doubts, confusions, and his own problems with the Lord.

What I am learning is being on fire is a choice. There are so many times that I struggle with the Lord for my own personal life. I don't always understand Him. However, no matter what I feel, I KNOW that He has given me a life that is full of hope and love. I also know that I want others to have this hope. Perhaps, I need to find a way to ignite myself more often.

Just so you know, because blogs only show one side of a multifaceted, defective person, many times then not I have chosen to NOT be on fire. It has been more recently that I have felt a push and a realization of the choice!


  1. What an awesome testimony!

    I think more often than not it is up to us and the choices we make. Isn't that the point of 'free will'.

    Can you imagine how God may have used your testimony and obedience to bless others that morning? How many more fires were ignited that day?