Another Trimester has begun

Yesterday the girls all returned, plus one visiting cousin. Our table was overflowing with a yummy dinner of potato soup, salad, and crusty bread. The noise level went up about 5 octaves, as everyone tried to catch up with each other. R's boyfriend, whom happens to be a good friend of ours, wrestled with the boys. And some of us exchanged simple belated Christmas gifts. There was much laughter in our home.

I sat back and took it all in. My heart was full of love and joy. A new trimester, a new year, a new season.

Our home is bustling, plans are being made for more visitors to come in this weekend. Meal planning has tripled in just one night as well as dishes and toilet paper. And school started back today.

This morning everyone left with heavy book bags, cups of coffee or hot chocolate and smiles. It's a new year and a new trimester at school. I have every expectation that God is going to do awesome things.

Routine is back. The vacation is over. And I am more refreshed this time, then ever before. I have more hope, more joy, and more laughter inside. I guess I am a bit more excited to be on this roller coaster ride. That's a good place to be.


  1. Wow between the yummy food and the amazing fellowship it sounds like your house rocks!!! Love to be there.

  2. Back to routine for you now. I just realized reading your blog that I never sent those coffee mugs. Sorry! I will get them out asap.

  3. That sounds wonderful - what an amazing life you are leading. I can't help but think that the Father must be very certain He can trust you - look at all the lives He's placed in your care for this season!

    And the foodie in me wants to know: what is your recipe for potato soup like? I have a good one, but I'm always hunting for new recipes to try :)