A Small Brown Bear

When I was a little girl, I had a small brown bear, named Felix. I received him when I was 14 months old and in the hospital. Apparently, I felt the need to give my parents a good scare with sickness and dehydration. The best part, was this was the second time within a year, that I had done that to them!

Anyways, my grandmother, Mamie, came to the hospital bearing the gift of Felix. And he became mine for life. I slept with him, played with him, and took him on vacations throughout many years. Truth be told, I snuggled up with him until I was married. Yep, I had Felix with me all those years. And sometimes when CJ would be working in the middle of the night, I would purposefully find Felix.

I believe I was in my early 20's when Mamie, called me up. She had found another Felix! She was so excited to have one for her great grandchildren. She promised to hold onto him and when I had my first born, I could give it to him or her.

Felix and Jr. have always sat on the shelf in my kids bedroom, for years. EJ didn't seem to be interested in either one, when he was younger. His choice of lovies, was Kitty. Kitty was given to him, when he was in the hospital, too. And he has been attached to her ever since.

Z-man, on the other hand, is a stuffed animal guru. He has Monkey, Pup Pup, Kitty, and Duckie. His two favorite are Monkey and Pup Pup, whom on occasions travel with him to places like Sunday school, YMCA daycare, and anywhere else that he is left without me or Daddy.

Today, I introduced him to my Felix. I told him all about my stuffed bear. How I used to sleep and cuddle with him, how I sucked my thumb too, even how I held him at night. Z found this so fun and amusing, "mommy, sucked her thumb?" He studied Felix, with great admiration, pointing out the lack of a mouth. "Is he a kangaroo, mommy?"

The time had come for me, to slip out for his rest time. I offered Felix as another stuffed mate. And to his and my delight, Z-man curled up for his afternoon nap, with Monkey, Pup Pup, and now Felix.

I wonder if the legacy of Felix will live on!


  1. How sweet. I love lovey posts.

    I posted about my son's guy quite a while ago.

  2. Have Z come to my house...it is a stuffed animal museum! I have a bunch of mine, some of The Husbands and then, of course, enough to fill half of a football field with all 3 of the girls animals! It's a sickness I tell you....I should have carted them off to Goodwill a long time ago!

  3. That is too sweet. I love kids who have things they treasure & sleep with. My Abriella has had a lamb bear and 2 blankets with her since she was 6 mo old. My son doesn't have interest in anything and it makes me sad, he still has time though:)