It's Overwhelming

Imagine... standing in church as 75 missionaries are parading in carrying their countries flag. Imagine as the worship leader begins singing Shake the Nations, a song that says, "ask and I'll give the nations to you." Imagine your heart overflowing knowing that someday, somehow, you will be fulfilling that call in your life .... sharing, loving, teaching the many tribes, tongues, and people about the only True Love out there, Jesus Christ. Imagine knowing that all you are walking through, the hardship, the refinement, the exhaustion, the stress, the beauty, the sacrifice, the sheer thrill of a life of faith, all so that you can really do it, really be equipped to share Him. Imagine... just imagine the moment of all that together ... its overwhelming.

Our Missions Conference began yesterday...


  1. I bet that was amazing.

    That's okay.. no hurry. Just email me whenever you get the chance!

    My husband also wants to return to school to become "equipped" as you put it, but first has to finish his bachelors (which, he's not that far away from, really... but when you're broke.. the thought of it is daunting!)