Putting Martha to Rest for the Day

We are hosting 7 wonderful missionaries from Crewe, England. When they talk, I just want to sit down, close my eyes and not even pay that much attention to what exactly they are saying, just how they are saying it. And oh, the tea, that is being drunk in my home. I love it. Somehow inside, I find it warm and comfy to have a bunch of people "drinking a spot of tea," in my own home.

Are you a Martha or a Mary or maybe both? I am definitely both. I am learning when to put things down and just sit at the feet of the One, whom I adore. And yet, innately, I am a doer. I love, love, love to host people. I love to make them feel warm and cozy. I love to fill their bellies with yummy foods. I love it when people sit on my couch and feel at home.

I drive my family nuts sometimes, the days before guests come to stay. This time around, I begged CJ to take a day off of classes and help me clean and prepare for our guests. Bless his heart, he did it. I just want people to feel rested and relaxed and comfortable when they enter our home.

The day our guests arrived, I had to leave that evening to finish preparing for the festival. The next morning, their sweet son, found himself sick, getting rid of the contents in his stomach. However, the day was full of festival goodies, as I ran around making sure all was well. Of course, I all but collapsed when I came home. Last night included a 2 am wake up call with EJ barking and having a bit of hard time breathing. This morning we woke up to an alarm going off, the sump pump seems to have broken and our guests can't use their bathroom. It wasn't even 9 am, before I had EJ diagnosed by the doctor that he had croup. 11 am, I was standing in Wal Mart getting steroids so that he would be able to breathe better.....

I was almost in tears today. I looked at CJ and he saw my exhaustion. Above everything else, I just wanted the family staying with us, to feel welcomed, relaxed, pampered and it just hasn't happened yet.

It was then that CJ gently reminded me of who I needed to be consulting. He told me to take my bible and read as I waited patiently for medicine. And so I did. I sat at the feet of the One who loves me (at Wal Mart, of all places). And I read His word, wrapping myself in the blanket and warmth of His love letters. .

And now quietness surrounds me, as my children rest, and the rest of the members of this house (full time or part time) are out and about. God knows my heart. He knows my desires. I've done the best that I can, the rest is up to Him.

In the meantime, I've put Martha to rest for the day.


  1. Oh, how we are soooo alike in this way. I absolutely LOVE entertaining and making people feel welcome. I love feeding people and having them sit in my living room. It is so hard sometimes to sit ourselves and really enjoy the company we have.
    We need to try and be a Mary more often and watch how the Lord works.

    I would be in awe if I had people from England talking and drinking tea in my house. That is one accent I could listen to all day :)

    Have a great time and dont try to be perfect, your spirit is warm and welcoming.