Scandalous, I Tell You...Just Scandalous!

I am pretty sure my husband almost had a heart attack when he heard what I wrote about the other day! Laughingly he said, "I can't believe you told everybody what your favorite purchase was, online!!!" I am not sure why he was so surprised! He knows me a little better then that.

I did explain to him, that there is nothing unholy about female body parts and how to spruce them up a bit!!! I am happy to say that he did find humor in it!

Stopping the heart twice in one week is not a good idea, as he read everyone's comments to my last entry, If you Find My Brain, Return It Promptly. How quickly we can go from brain lapses to being with child!!!

So, to quench any suspicions, I am not pregnant. Just plain forgetful!! With hopes of trying to keep this blog at a holier level, I will not go into detail. Let's just say, it would be somewhat of a miracle if I did turn out be carrying life in my womb!

There that is done!

I suppose that since my last two (now three) entries have included something to do with my body, I shall bring in the mundane normal part of life back to the blogosphere!

I leave for the big womens retreat today. It appears that 41 other women are in the exact same place as I am right now, racing around the house trying to pack, clean up, make some extra food for the boys, etc.

Yesterday, one mom stopped by to drop some things off. EJ inquired of her if she would be attending the retreat too. She said yes. So he pushed on saying what would her children be doing with their daddy while she was gone.

In such an innocent sweet style she dropped a grenade in my house with the notion of a Daddy party with the kids for the weekend, including CHUCK E CHEESE!

Thank You. No really T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U.

Can I just say that BOTH my kids started jumping up and down, screaming CHUCK E CHEESE, CHUCK E CHEESE, CHUCK E CHEESE!

Well, we better all start praying right now for CJ and the boys. As no doubt, he will be making a trip to Chuck E Cheese tonight. I have armed him with coupons, because who pays full price for cardboard with sauce and a little bit of cheese on it?

Back to the good news, I am off to the mountains for hopefully a relaxing weekend, full of time with the Lord, fresh air, good food, and the opportunity to make some new friends.

Have a great weekend!


  1. All I have to say is "Poor Daddy".

    I hope you have a great time at the retreat.

  2. I went on my first retreat this past fall. It was great! Praying you have a wonderful time.

  3. Have an awesome time on your retreat.

  4. Retreat, mountains, time with the Lord, and fellowship/new friends...ooh, it sounds heavenly. Be blessed to overflowing!

  5. Poor C! I'm laughing out loud as I read this - men just don't get the stream of consciousness thing. I blow my DH's circuits regularly with the rushing flow of thoughts that all seem connected and jointed to me :) The retreat sounds awesome, and I'm sure it was wonderful . . .Glad to hear you could get away!