Random Thoughts

My own little meme, facts by the numbers, or just random thoughts.

1. Number of mice we have caught since moving in .... 3

2. Number of months we have lived here .... 2

3. Woke up with the song Rain Down, by Delirious. Click and watch the video on You Tube.

4. Went on a date by myself last night.

5. Spent 45 minutes sitting on the floor of Books A Million looking at blogging books.

6. Ended up buying a book on the first year of homeschooling.

7. Resisted the urge to buy an organic cookbook.

8. Favorite thing I did buy last night? A new bra

9. Love it because it made my sagging b**bs look happy again.

10. It also made me look like I lost a few pounds.

11. Which is good because I need to look like I lost a few pounds.

12. I had a dream from the Lord early this morning. At the end of it I felt like the Lord said, "You will wake up to birds chirping this morning."

13. The alarm clock went off and seconds later the birds started chirping!

14. See even God is random and fun!

15. Whew! Schtickmama, went back to her old name, Say Anything! This is good for me, because all my previous blogs have her named as Say Anything.

16. I already baked a pan of brownies this morning.

17. I am thinking I should bake in the morning more often. I had no desire to lick the brownie batter at 7:15 this morning!

18. Not licking the brownie batter would probably do a better job of "looking" like I lost some weight then my new bra!

19. My mom is taking me away as a 30th birthday present.

20. I am feeling a little guilty towards the rest of my family.

21. Last night we found South Padre Island, in Texas.

22. Tropical waters may override my guilt!

23. Finally sent my taxes to Thrills husband. Here's hoping for a BIG return.

24. I have decided that North Carolina is awesome to live in. It's already springish here.

25. Going on a womens retreat this weekend. I have some mixed emotions on the whole deal. I am excited to get away by myself, but nervous because I don't know anyone real well yet.

Well, that's it for now! Have a blessed day!


  1. Loved reading this...

  2. What a great idea - I had fun reading this! Have a blessed time at your retreat!

  3. I feel like I just got to swim around in that little brain of yours. It was hysterical!

  4. i didn't know they made blogging books!!!! and going away for your birthday with your mom sounds like so much fun! and birds chirping...i've been hearing them here too..spring is coming, spring is coming......

  5. Also turning 30 this year.

    Went on a retreat last weekend where I only really knew one going in...it was a huge blessing and I had a great time. I am thankful I met some new ladies, I hope to connect with them again soon.

    Yes God is random and fun. Birds chirping, please let it mean spring.