If You Have Seen My Brain, Please Return Promptly!

I just did a whole load of laundry, soap and all, without washing one stick of clothing.
Yup, I forgot to add the main essential to clothes laundering....
the clothes!!!


  1. My hubby thinks you are pregnant!!

    It's my fault. If you didn't switch to the powder, you wouldn't have to wait to put clothes in.

  2. Pregnant? OMIGOSH, are you? Could you?!!!!!

    If it makes you feel any better, I (TWICE in one week!!!) did just the opposite: I ran a load (the same one, mind you!) with no detergent. TWICE, I tell you.

    And I wasn't even preggers :)

  3. Thanks for the smile...I needed that!

  4. HAHAHAHA. Sorry that really cracked me up. It made me feel well. I'm pregnant and even I haven't done that...yet...

  5. I have SOOOO done that! I can not recall if I was pregnant at the time but yeah you are not alone.

    In reality I have probably done it more than once.

  6. :) too funny. i've microwaved a mug with a tea bag and honey, but no water. if that helps. :)

  7. LOL! I'm surprised I haven't done this yet. ;0) (Visiting from a comment on Live Each Moment to the Fullest, I think)