Nothing More Satisfying then Him

There is something changing inside of me. A new place of intimacy, a new desire, a new hunger for the Lord. A deeper, stronger appetite to find anything and everything that has to do with Him.

When I get it, when I am able to sink my teeth into Him, oh... my soul, my heart, my head... they just finally unite and relax and enjoy.

This weekend, I had the opportunity to set everything aside and go to the mountains, with no kids or husband, no tv, no computer, and practically no phone reception. 41 other women joined me in this retreat to the Blue Ridge mountains. And yet for several different times during the stay, I felt as though it was just me and God.

I laughed so hard. I cried tenderly. I spent hours praying and worshipping. I read nothing that would challenge me into critical thinking, only what would lavish me. I listened to Him, walked with Him, praised Him, and relaxed with Him. I wrote. I read. I breathed Him in.

I watched Him deliver people from deep wounds. I saw as He pushed others on, acknowledging that they were in the desert, but He was still with Him. I saw the fire of Heaven ignite as people were dramatically touched by Him.

I slept well. I ate well. I fellowshipped with other women and pushed past my insecurities. I drove on winding mountain roads, marveling at the smell of spring.

I soaked it all in, every last drop, wishing for more. Yet feeling more satisfied then when I came.

It was good. It was a relief and something only the Lord could do. This deepness with's all I want. Nothing is more satisfying, then Him.


  1. Praise God! Isn't he good and faithful?! I am so glad to hear how wonderful the weekend was. I pray that He shows you how to continue to walk and soak like this daily - with kids and responsibilities, etc. While I am at it, I am going to pray that for me too. :)

  2. Beautiful!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing - I could feel your peace and your joy as I read this post.

  4. what a great post. glad God is working in you...

  5. It sounds so refreshing and rejuvenating. Glad to hear it was a good one, glad to know you enjoyed all its facets. And I'll bet you got lots of hugs and kisses when you returned. That's my personal favorite part of any trip, returning home and settling in while I remember the things I learned while away.