Radical Love in a Normal Life

I've been struggling for awhile now, trying to understand who I am in where I am. Everything we have learned and grown in over the last 4 years and to come back to home, what do I do?

My heart has always been twisted and turned, scrunched up and passionate - for people who need to be LOVED.

I had left home believing that we were becoming equipped to go out and love. To share, to help, to give .... that's all I have ever wanted to do.

Yet, I am here.

So, I pour out the love that is stored up inside of me on who God has placed in my life. My children, family, friends. And I DO love them all, with every ounce of my being.

Somedays, I can't help but struggle inside. I don't want normal. I don't want a cushy house and a job with all the benefits and daily life to be what the ugly american dream is all about.

But, truthfully, there are many days I do want it. I just want security.

I read this post today. My heart and body cried with her. I get it.... I get it....

~ Finding radical love in a normal life, right now .....


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