Order.... I crave it.

Oh, what I wouldn't give to be able to have everything that we own put away in the right places, nice and neat on clean shelves.

Or perhaps, an ordered schedule. Cory started a new job, one that rotates days. We started a new type of homeschooling that requires a lot of adjustment. Oh, and add in a sweet little baby who needs attention in the middle of daily life!

Oh order.... what a gift it is.

To actually be able to complete a thought would be nice too. Who remembers what it is like to be waking up once or twice a night to take care of the cries that call out for a mama? Baby brain mush... I have a heavy dose of it these days.

Paperwork and bills, phone calls that need to be made, emails that I need to return. I need to make a list.

Everything in its place ~ lovely!

A house that has two rooms without ceilings or real floors, boxes shoved in a room or two, or maybe a lawn that hasn't been mowed in a couple of weeks, it all can drive me batty.

I suppose we can only do so much in one day. But what I wouldn't give to snap my fingers and have it all put together and in order.

Each night, I crawl into my bed, exhausted from the days work. Some nights, I am worried and anxious about everything I haven't accomplished. However, more and more I am feeling thankfulness rising up inside of me.

At least, my children were schooled today. Wow, I got alot of laundry done. Oooh, I was able to finally write down the schedule for the month. I shopped... I went to the food store, with a plan and a list. WOW! I think my home is starting to feel a bit peaceful, amidst all the unfinished work.

Yeah, we are coming along. Slowly, but surely.