Oh Yea, I Get this One!

I have a long list of bloggers that I read in my spare time (wait, stop for a minute... I said spare time. I'm laughing, as I write!). Anyways, my reads include everything from being thrifty, decorating and renovating, local and not so local friends, families, and adoption.

Yea, I said the word adoption on my blog .... out loud. I'm not going any further, other then I've always wanted to adopt and we are praying about it. The End.

Anyways, I love this blogger and today she wrote something I can totally relate to. Check out how Courtney explains about being suckered punched on a pretty regular basis. She is working at choosing joy over the daily issues we face.

I hear her....

Or as my one friend said a couple of weeks ago .... Word.

Oh yes... yes... yes..

Could I give you a list of the ways we have been sucker punched over the last several years? You bet your sweet bippy I could. Some days, I spend it licking wounds and questioning God.

You know what though, most days I work VERY hard at ENJOYING the Journey of this life of mine. It's refreshing to see some one else put it out there. Go ahead, read Courtney's thought process on it all! See what you think! Sucker Punch


  1. LOL - the end. NOT! Careful, girlfriend. It's contagious :)

    Love your blog. Love that you still read, no matter how busy you are. Love that you share good stuff when you find it. And I most especially LOVE that I get to watch your family grow (grin!) even from a distance. Hugs to you.

    And careful, it IS contagious :) hee heee.

  2. Thanks for the laugh and for linking!