Just Us

It's been over 5 years since Cory and I have lived without someone else, other then our children. Before our big move to North Carolina, we had the opportunity to have my mom live with us. She was very ill and could not live on her own, drive a car, or work. We invited her into our home right around the time that Zach turned 4 month old. Zach just turned 6 two weeks ago.

When we were praying about what to do with the next part of our lives, we kept feeling like the Lord was saying over and over again, "Plant roots and focus on your family." We took a year to come to the conclusion that those roots needed to be in PA, hence the move back home.

We've lived with my mom, 11 college age females, and most recently Cory's parents. What a journey it has been to live daily life with all those people. I've learned the most amazing things about myself. I'm more resilient and way more introverted now. I crave peace and quiet and I can only handle large crowds for a certain amount of time.

Having people live with you, gives you the opportunity to look at life through someone elses eyes. No matter what age or stage of life, each person we communed with taught us a great deal!

Now, it is just us... out in the country, where deer and (apparently, according to my neighbor) bear can roam freely in our backyard. Our boxes are far from unpacked, the house is still in shambles, but the simplicity (not really, when there are 3 kids!) of just the 5 of us, is something that I'm going to have to get used to.

It looks like the next part of this journey of mine, is figuring out just who we are as our little family. It should be interesting!