We Were Supposed to ...

Today we were supposed to be packing up the car and heading out to my brothers house for the weekend...

Instead we are all sitting in our jammies drinking coffee or cocoa.

We were supposed to be watching six nieces and nephews running around together, having all the big kids sleep in the same room at night, while the parents deal with mid night rendezvous with the little ones under 12 months of age.

Instead we are listening to childrens folk songs on Pandora.com while milking sinus headaches.

We were supposed to be trucking off to a fall festival, the two families that we are on Saturday, and then to church on Sunday morning to watch the youngest family member be baptized.

Instead, my husband allowed me to sleep in till the glorious time of 8 am this morning!

Plans were scratched due to sickness in our home. And while my heart is disappointed to not be with my brother and his sweet family for a long weekend, I will choose to enjoy this weekend. Cuddling, jammies, quiet music, working on small projects and a three day weekend without any plans, while getting rid of fevers, sore throats, headaches, and congestion, is on tap for this family.