A little over a week ago we moved into our home. With plenty of work still ahead of us, we are slowly making this place ours.

It's been a long, hard, sweaty and eventful summer. Some day I could blog a list of all the wild life we've encountered or in some instances killed. Yeah, that's my main man holding a dead black snake. Wrestling that baby was an act of love done just for me.

The kiddos all grew up in different ways this summer. Elijah enjoyed a week at day camp, turned 8 years old, and grew into an amazing big brother to his youngest sibling, Simon.

Of course, the Si-guy, has done his own growing this summer ... popping two teeth, working on two more, falling in love with his grandparents and his aunt and uncle, as well as getting himself ready to become mobile any day now. (God help me!!! I mean it, how will I ever keep up with him in this reno house????)

I worked like a man this summer. Seriously... I. worked. like. a. man. I haven't worked that hard since I was a teenager. I mowed lawns, scrubbed floors, installed floors, painted, cleaned, nursed a baby, ran after two squirrely little boys, raked, hauled 2200 pounds of metal to a recycling plant, carried a 20 pounder on my back, discussed in depth design ideas, and fell even more in love with my husband and my little boys.

My little Z man turned 6, fell in love with a kitten that he convinced Grandma to keep at her house, grew muscles that he proudly will show you, and shared with me daily just how happy he was to have moved to the country.

I've said it before, I'll say it again... when I die, please put "Never a Dull Moment" on my headstone. Because that is the story of my funny little life. It is never a dull moment in our household. This summer didn't fail us with stories, black and blue marks, and reconnected relationships. And while I am thoroughly exhausted, I am thankful.