Family Work Day

The family that works together .... stays together? Or gets alot accomplished? Maybe raises a few kids that have a work ethic? We will see.

Today, I instructed that kids that in order for us to move into our new home we are going to have to work really hard for a couple of months to get it ready. I shared with them that in the Bible, God tells us to be hard working, wise people.

Our new home is more then just a fixer upper! Everywhere you look there is projects to do. A soon to be crawling baby could have a life threatening field day in that house!

So, we are pulling up our sleeves, donning some work gloves, and planning a summer of sweaty, hard work! Our goal .... to be in our home by the end of the summer, if not sooner.

Watching my kids lug bricks and pull out weeds today made me feel so excited for them. When I was a kid, my parents taught my brother and I how to work. I have memories of climbing up on top of a roof with my dad, learning how to run electric, and hammering in nail after nail.

As a child, I didn't always like working. Infact, I used to think my parents were too hard on us. But now as an adult, I can look back on those times and thank them for what they taught me and who I am now.

I love my boys deeply! I want them to be healthy, wise, strong men of God. I want them to see that working hard will pay off. I want them to enjoy the reward of having a work ethic!

I love the thought of working with my own kids on projects! How cool is that?!!!


  1. It is very cool!

  2. Something is up w/ your background. It may just be my computer. But I can't read your blog. I skimmed over it to find the comment part w/ my mouse. I want to read all about what's up w/ you guys!!! :-)