I had a wise friend share something with me yesterday. He said, when a plant is uprooted and replanted into new soil, they go through shock, before they begin to grow or even bear fruit.

"In the process of maintaining your plants indoors, most of them like to be on a schedule. Introducing a new pot, new soil, and disturbing the root system may cause the plant to "react". This reaction could be in the form of dropping leaves, drooping or wilting leaves, brown tips, or the plant might just grow nuts," found at

Facing plenty of unknowns, throwing in a move from state to state, and dealing with an abnormal schedule, makes this mama feel more then a bit overwhelmed and rather nuts.

So, I've retreated out to the country at my in laws home, where the children can roam freely, coffee is never ending, and cell phone reception doesn't work.

Sometimes, it is better to stay quiet and lay low while you are in the middle of transition. It is especially important when there are so many unknowns. Housing, jobs, schedules, what to dig into, what to leave alone ...... is enough to work through for this recently transplanted family.