A Bloggy Celebrity Meeting....

So I met the famous blogging celebrity Pioneer Woman last Friday night! My totally rockin, cool husband was listening to the radio and heard her interview. He then heard that she was in the Charlotte area and decided that we should pack up the kiddos and head on down to Southpark for the evening.

This is P-Dub, Ree Drummond, Pioneer Woman answering questions from the crowd. She shared the depths of her soul by discussing spanks, boxers vs briefs, portion sizes, and sweating. Who needs to answer thought provoking, soul searching questions about life, when you can read all about her here?

We waited for over 5 hours until our group was called. Too bad my eyes aren't looking forward, you might have seen exhaustion and a look of "what was I thinking" in them. Instead of eyes, focus on the cheeks of my youngest? They are so squeezable!

You also can't see the line of drool that just happened to be following us as we moved forward. It was on hardwood floors. I'm praying that some old lady didn't slip.

Cory told the kids that this was a Mother's Day present for me. There involvement in the gift was that they were not allowed to complain during the whole time that we were there. Surprisingly they really didn't.

Instead I heard only 150 bizillion times, the following... "Boom, Bang.... Fire Powahhhh..."

They've only watched Night at the Museum once. But really, my kids are not influenced by media... really.

The long anticipated picture of Simon, myself and the famous Pioneer Woman, signing my own personal copy of her cookbook!!!

For real.... this was one of those crazy fun moments in my life, that I will laugh about over and over again. Who takes three kids to a small, expensive book store and waits 5 hours to meet some woman who writes a blog? Only to sit for all of 30 seconds and get a signature??? Me. Yup. Me.

We are a little nuts in this family!


  1. You are my hero!

    And Cory is a keeper...what a sweet present.

  2. That is so very cool - that you met her, that Cory was so thoughtful and that your boys were so well behaved!

  3. Love it! And it's the crazy nutty stuff that makes us unique and special. Like my celebrity crushes. I'm totally wishing I could have stood in line WITH you :)

    Way to go, Cory - way to speak your gal's love language.

    And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new look around here. GORGEOUS and creative and elegant. Like you.