When we were packing up the house in NC, I mentioned to someone that when we arrive in PA, I'm sure I will go through some decompressing time of all that we have experienced while living down in the south. Little did I know that our time of quietness was literally going to hit upon our arrival.

Since our housing situation is up in the air and Cory is still job hunting, we are currently residing with his parents until the rest of the pieces of our puzzle comes together.

The above picture is the quiet country road they live on.

And these beauties are what surround my in laws home.... acres upon acres of trees or farmland. It's wonderfully quiet around here.

It seems as though I struggle with sitting still. Well, more like I struggle with letting my mind relax and just trusting our God. If I keep my hands busy, then my mind doesn't wonder. I sort of feel like Dory in Little Nemo, "Just keep moving, just keep moving."

And yet, I've yearned and begged God for a respite, a time of quietness. I have even gone as far as the point of asking to just be bored for just a little while.

It's taken me a bit to realize the gift that I have before me right now. I'm in a home, staying with Cory's parents, who adore being grandparents. They love us, love being around the grandchildren and want the best for us.

It's quiet, peaceful, with very little responsibilities that have to be done.

It's funny, because I don't want to be lazy and negligent but I don't want to ignore the gift of quietness and times of refreshing. Instead I want to embrace what God has given me, soaking in the sun and solitude.


  1. Glad you have a break. Enjoy it and don't feel guilty. The Lord is allowing this time for you and the family. :)