The Little Punk that He Is!!!

Elijah got a camera for Christmas this year. His grandparents decided to get themselves a new one and for Christmas they gave Elijah their used one, along with any extra amenities that could go with it.

Now, a camera is the perfect gift for my Drama King, especially since it also video records. We download his pictures and videos often and find the most hilarious little stunts.

Last week, when Uncle Chad took the boys to one of the farms, I was on my A game and told Elijah to grab his camera. My previous post includes some of the beautiful pics that he took.

But since he is seven (almost eight mom, with an eye roll) and he has acquired his fathers antagonistic ways, I found many of the following two pictures.

What boy isn't intrigued by a cow patty??? I mean, c'mon its a huge pile of poop, just sitting there, waiting to have its picture taken by a devious little seven year old.

Of course, if cow patties are your thing, then why not capture the EXACT place that they come from? A cow's beee hind.

Yeah, lovin me some good ole fashion cow butt and poop pics. Yee haw! Can you hear a little seven year old punk in the background laughing uncontrollably???


  1. Oh, I can hear the giggling now. And in the background, I hear my own grown up boys giggling, too. Something about butts and Barney and potties. Yeah, it just doesn't get old to them. Ever.


  2. We are just entering that boy stuff. Right now Ian thinks farts are the most hilarious thing in the world. Lovely.

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