Sure... I'll Brag on him for Just a Minute

I enrolled EJ into a science class this year. They spent the entire year focusing on inventors. This was right up his alley, learning about inventions and the people behind them.

To finish off the year, EJ had to put together his own invention. He decided that he wanted to invent a game.

What I love about this boy, is that I can teach him logic and he gets it and thrives off of it. I sat him down and we brainstormed about three different topics he could use for his game. He came up with history, video games, and the body. After discussing them, he chose to use history as his topic for the game.

Using the California Trail, the Sante Fe Trail, and the Oregon Trail as a spring board, EJ formulated that he wanted to make a trail that each player had to follow throughout the USA. He started in Maine and ended in California.

He created a spin wheel, mapped out his trail, added specific things you had to do when you landed there, and thought up his own set of instructions. Then he used pictures of famous history makers, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Betsy Ross, and Harriet Tubman, as his pieces.

What fun it was to watch him create his very own game. He named it... The American Trail.

I watched as he stood in front of the class today, sharing his own invention. He was confident and excited. And I was one proud mama!!