Transition Makes Me Nervous

Cory and I have been in a season of "Survival Mode," for years it feels like. For quite sometime now, we have sensed that we are going to be making a transition. We've prayed and prayed and prayed our hearts out. And we've been quiet and listened for what seems like an eternity.

Our God is a good and loving God. And He does speak, in a soft still voice to us. While His timing is never my timing (because I am impatient), it is always good.

Some things we know for sure that God has confirmed in our hearts, it's time to plant some roots and to focus on our family. We also know that our season of housing students is coming to an end.

Don't ask me where or how or what we are doing next. Because as much as I'd like to tell you a step by step plan, we don't have it all figured out yet. Proverbs 16:9 says, "In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps."

I always thought of myself as a someone who enjoys a good adventure. I am beginning to think of myself as a bit of wuss. Transition makes me nervous...

It's different when you have children to deal with. If it were just Cory and I, I think I'd be a whole lot more relaxed about our life. But now, that I have birthed baby number three and I know in my heart that we want at least one or two more children, I am struggling with not knowing what normal is in our lives. And how do I reconcile the dreams that have been on my heart for so many years with what our beautiful, yet not super adventurous, life looks like now?

I am trying to trust that whatever is around the corner for us, will be good.

more to come, I'm sure....


  1. I just love reading your blog. You encourage my heart way more than you know! Dan and I have felt that there is a transition coming for us and we have no idea what it looks like or what we may be doing yet. I so impatient and would like to know everything now so I can plan! I am learning to wait on Him and that is sometimes hard for me to do. Anyway thanks for sharing!!!

  2. From someone who recently left a houseparenting role, I understand the profound desire to focus on your family and still earnestly seek God's will. We are still in that state of transition as Donald has yet to find a full time teaching job. Yet God is providing, day by day, for our needs. This transitions stuff is definitely not for the faint of heart - we are a year in and every day I thank God that my children are healthy and that I have been chosen to care for them. A year and a half ago, we had no idea that this is where we would be. I hope that you find joy in your journey and gain knowlege in our Father's provision as you prepare for your next step. Keep us posted!
    Heather Cribbs