Try Not to be Too Mean

Okay, so I am about to say something that is going to rile many of you up. I'm positive that I will get some negative remarks or misunderstandings on all of this. But just remember whatever you write on my blog will go into the history of my little legacy, as I still have every intention of printing this blog off for my kids and grand kids. So, if you want to write a litany of angry comments go ahead... I'll remember you and so will my kids, grand kids and so on. (wink!)

With that said.... here it is - I'm a little happy about the health care bill.

Whew - it's out. Finally....

Listen, I don't understand all of the ins and outs of the whole bill. Maybe someday I'll write another post as to why I think it is horrible. Who knows.

What I do know is this, our country needs some sort of universal health care system. It's a fact. The great and mighty United States of America is a mess when it comes to this issue. Frankly, we need to figure something out with it all.

Does that mean that I agree with everything that is being passed? Nope.

Do I think that this is the answer to the entire problem? Not even maybe.

Is it going to be messy and ridiculous? You know it is.

But at least it is the start of SOMETHING. The bill as it is passed, right now, will not always look this way. People will fight, the kinks will get straightened out, and for the next hundred years bureaucrats will tear this apart and rebuild it back again.

We are at the very beginning of it all. The beginning is always messy, especially when you have so many opinions on it. But at least something is being done.

Go ahead call me an idealist on this or naive, uneducated, whatever. How will we ever get anywhere if we don't start somewhere? That is what our government just did, they started somewhere. Truthfully, that is historic.

Okay, back to my regularly scheduled, non confrontational, love God, love my boys, love my little life posts.

Talk amongst yourselves!


  1. Interesting perspective. I'm going to have to ponder this for a bit and then I"ll let you have it :)

  2. You are more than entitled to your opinions!! It's your blog! The idealist part of me wants so much to feel warm and fuzzy about this bill, but I just can't. Greed is the source of the crisis we find ourselves in and the wrong people are making out in this deal. I hope I'm wrong and you do bring up a good will be tweaked and re-tweaked. I just have very little faith and trust in the people who pushed this thru. They are losing the respect from their own party and that's scary!

  3. :) A little controversy is good every once in a while.

  4. First, I understand where you're coming from b/c I know you guys have been without healthcare (at least some of the time) over these last several years. One major accident or illness (even unexpected pregnancy) and you could be in financial ruin for decades. So I understand your perspective.

    But government is never the answer. Never. Ever.

    Speaker Pelosi said it best during her remarks to the entire House Sunday night. She said that this health care plan will join the ranks of Social Security and Medicare. Interesting foreshadowing since both of those programs are sorely mismanaged and close to bankrupt.

    There is no question that health care in this nation needs an overhaul. There are so many things that could be done to improve it, and actually, there are quite a few innovative things being done by private individuals, businesses, etc. to provide better and more economical care. But no one seems interested in that type of solution...they just want the govt. to make someone else pay.

    This is not a popular statement, but healthcare is not a right. There are certain rights you are granted as a citizen (or illegal alien...sorry, that's coming next)of this country (as spelled out in our Bill of Rights) but healthcare is not one of them. You simply can't require me to purchase health care or require me to help purchase health care for others.

    Because where do we draw the line? Should everyone have the right to a new car every five years? Should everyone have the right to educate their children in the school of their choice? Should everyone make the same wage?

    It would be wonderful if that's how the world worked, but life isn't fair. None of those should require my neighbor to take on an extra burden in order to subsidize those things for me...just because I think I'm entitled to it.

    Do people die every day b/c of shoddy healthcare? Do people die everyday b/c they didn't have insurance or b/c they were denied a test, procedure, medication? Absolutely. It sucks.

    But don't be misled that universal healthcare will eliminate all those problems. If you have Medicare or Medicaid, you are still denied tests and procedures and meds. Nothing is guaranteed. And if you add 35 million people to the waiting rooms of doctor's offices and ERs, those denials will become even greater.

    Yes, change is needed. This is not the change we need. This is not how the change has to look.