Dear Little One Inside,

This is probably one of the best days of this entire pregnancy so far!

When I woke this morning, I felt like it was Christmas morning. I couldn't wait until my scheduled doctors appointment. Today was the day I was going to see you and find out who you were!

I must admit, I was a bit nervous. Things had been so different this pregnancy. I was wondering if you were healthy or if something was wrong with me. I needed to see you and see what was going on inside.

Boy, did I pray this morning too. Asking the Lord to grant me the opportunity to find out if you were a girl or a boy. I am ready to call you by name. I am ready to continue making plans for your arrival.

Your ultrasound visit was amazing! You looked so good... all stretched out, showing us your long legs and your thin little fingers. The ultrasound tech, breezed through all the main things, showing us just how healthy you were! I almost cried, finally some good news - you looked perfect!

Before we got a good glimpse of you, the tech asked each of us what we thought you might be. Elijah (your oldest brother) replied, "girl." Z-man, second in line, said, "girl." And your Daddy and I both replied, it has to be a girl.

Just for the record, this pregnancy has certainly had its surprises.... so why not another one, right???

You my sweet one are a BOY!!! There was no denying it! You are all boy! And you are all mine! Was I disappointed? Not at all! Was I surprised? Sure was!

I want you to know this, I really think it is a privilege from the Lord, that he has given me three boys. I feel protected and loved and surrounded by strength. You are a gift to me and I can't wait to celebrate the day you arrive.

I have many plans for you. I'm going to hold you, snuggle with you, love you, and share you with your brothers! I can't wait to be your mama!

I love you Little One!
Oh, and don't worry, I know your name. When Daddy says so, everyone else will know too!


  1. You made me cry!

  2. Oh my goodness! Another boy. Yippee! That means more strong, godly men for the frontlines - he'll be blessed to be raised by you two and have such good role models to follow in E and Z . . . Good stuff.

    So happy for you all. Thanks for sharing the news.