Disney .... Part 1 of ??? Straight to the Facts

Since going to Disney was a huge, get out of town, sort of vacation for us, I want to document a few of my favorite things. Because someday, I'm hoping this little blog of mine will be printed and bound and given to each of my children (which just for the record.... because I'm still in shock.... will include 3 boys).

So, it should be known that I get motion sickness very easily and I hate heat. Don't worry I'm not starting off complaining, I'm just setting the scene for you. Honestly though, we weren't there for more then 8 hours and I already had sweated through my entire outfit and threw up on the bus ride. Just laugh... because I did. I mean who goes all the way to Disney World, the capital of theme parks in the universe, and throws up on a bus ride back to the hotel??? Me. Yep me.

So, needless to say, Disney World is ummm well, like going to Hershey Park (for you PA'ers) or Carowinds (for you NC'ers) every day. If you're pregnant and get motion sickness rather easily, you tend to find the smaller things of the trip to be way more exciting...

Here are my top 5 favorite things from our Disney vacation....

1. spending the entire vacation with Cory's family (brother, sister in law, and parents). I LOVED it!

2. Cirque de Sol - La Nouba

3. Watching the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom

4. two restaurants - The Polynesian and Raglan Road Irish Pub - yum!

5. experiencing Disney World through my children's eyes

I hope to write a small post on each of these topics in the next week or so. And perhaps add some of the pictures taken while down there.

Can I just tell you though... it was such a blessing, an honest to goodness treat to be able to go to Disney World with my boys. The way that Cory and I look at it is this was the perfect time to go. The boys were at the great ages of 5 and 7. Our new baby boy is in utero, happily. The next couple of years we plan on doing vacations that include a rental house at the beach, where you relax, take naps, play in the sand and sea, and spend time with family or friends. This was the year to do Disney. We were so blessed to have had the opportunity to go!