I Love this Man

For the last couple of weeks, Cory and I have been on a bit of a honeymoon with each other. He is finally done with school and even though the school itself is on break, he is not! He's home! He just goes to work and then he comes home and he doesn't have to study. It's wonderful, pure bliss, just perfect.

So, I've been enjoying small things with him. Like curling up each night in bed and watching tv together. Or dinner time, especially when he makes it. We've played a few games and worked a little harder at doing things with the kiddos. Cory has helped me alot around the house, moving furniture and cleaning. The thing is, I just like spending time with him. I like being around him, even if we don't say anything at all to each other.

The last the couple of nights I've been a bit moody. Last night Cory did some thing that irritated me. Then he did another thing that just made me even more irritable. In my head, I was thinking the following, "No, no I don't want the honeymoon to be over. I want to continue enjoying him to the fullest."

It's just, I really love this man. I do. I want to enjoy him, without hardships and exhaustion and emotions, and well ... real life, for just a little bit longer. He's cute. He's funny. He's strong and he loves me no matter what. He enjoys being a daddy to our boys. He's protects me. He's my husband and I adore him.


  1. Beautiful!