A Few of My Favorite Things

While I was on my hands and knees, this morning, scrubbing the kitchen floor, it occurred to me that I had completely forgotten about the nesting phase of pregnancy. Friends, I am full fledged, up to my eyeballs, loving every single second of it, nesting! Oh, glorious nesting... making lists, conquering them, feeling productive, and reminding my home of its true loveliness!

And while I was recollecting on the fact that second trimester pregnancies usually brings along the nesting phase, it occurred to me that there were several other things that I really, really like about being pregnant again.

So in complete random order, here are a few of my favorite things during this season of my life!

1. tomato sandwiches
2. cold crisp apples with cheese
3. cold sweet red grapes with cheese
4. ice water ~ extra ice
5. little flutters in my abdomen
6. dreaming of the baby's room
7. re-organizing closets, drawers, shelves and well, all the rooms
8. my kids asking me each week, "how big is the baby now, Mama?"
9. reading parenting magazines and not skipping the articles on infants
10. my husbands joyful servant heart at 11 pm at night, when I'm starving
11. protein - yummy!
12. knowing that summer is coming to an end soon, and I'm only half way there!
I can't wait to have a winter baby this time!
13. Clothes shopping ~ for both the baby and me!
14. air conditioning and fans ~ praise God for modern technology

15. dear friends and family and sweet new friends, who really care and show it thru acts of service (my not so secret love language!)

Did anyone else notice that I mentioned food several times. Oh yea, I'm loving the fact that the things I am craving are relatively healthy.

Well, I'm off to go tackle something on my "to do" list. Enjoy!


  1. Love the list :) I ate lots of fresh fruits and veggies with (Dr. D) Caleb - my only winter baby. And he's my healthiest eater of all of them :)