Praying for Forgiveness

This little ham of mine, boy do I love him. He's sweet, serious, demanding, talkative (all. the. time) and such a joy.

Recently he and a buddy of his were having some problems. EJ, admittedly took responsibility for his end of the issue. His little mind truly sings for justice, equality, and true love for everyone. So, when I spoke with him about the conflict, his heart hurt with heaviness for both the injustice that was done to him and for how he acted too. I led him to pray, asking Jesus for forgiveness on his part and toward the little boy who had hurt him.

The beginning of the prayer began in a rote sort of way. Towards the middle real conviction hit him. And in his sweet little six year old voice, I heard him talk to the Lord as if Jesus were sitting in the car with him at that moment. He talked with Him, telling him that he was hurt and that he was struggling with one area, and would God please help him not to do it anymore.

My heart did that funny little twist when it is pained with both pride for my son and sadness for the hurt that he had experienced. I just loved that moment of real breakthrough in prayer, where he stepped beyond the veil and sat on the lap of his Heavenly Father.

Sometimes I wonder, will he ever understand just how much I adore him.


  1. You don't post often...but man, when you do it tugs on my heartstrings. Love it.

    Congratulations by the way, mama. I don't Facebook, but the lovely Mrs. Bowman told me that absolutely wonderful news!!! I wish you and your family many, many, many blessings, joy and peace in the upcoming months. That's awesome. :)