Circumstantional Worship

Little blog, I miss you. I really do. It seems as though my creative side of the brain has taken to a new passion for a while. Painting, gardening, even reading books. But writing? I've had the block going on for some time now.

I have plenty to chew on, over analyze, think about and decide on. It seems as though this brain of mine just won't quit. It's okay though, maybe someday all this thinking will amount to something inspirational.

This morning the kids and I went outside to do our homeschooling. We threw a blanket out on the lawn, curled up together and read a load of books first. Little Z is pretty much done with his preschool curriculum. And EJ is doing double time to finish before the month is out. Bless his heart, he offered to do some school work on Saturdays so that he could be done before June! Smart boy.

I put some worship music on, assigned EJ his work, dragged out this thing I am painting, and encouraged the Z man to explore for a bit. It is a cooler day outside and I have plenty to work on out there.

As my mind was contemplating some possible good news, a warm worship song came on and I found myself standing in my backyard, hands raised praising the God that created me. I felt, momentarily, alive and in tune. And then....

And then my mind stepped it up and I began struggling with how I view, worship, and spend time God depending on my circumstances that day. What a pity it is... this state of mine. It is a clarity of my immaturity... it is.

I look forward to the day that I will worship Him with all I have, no matter what my circumstances are. I beg the Lord that I will choose to view all of life as a joy, even when darkness comes. And I pray that someday sooner then later, I will find a quietness in my brain that accepts that sometimes I just won't have the answers to all my questions on this side of heaven.


  1. Hey sister!
    My name is Linda, i was reading your blog, am so blessed that there are believers who are seeking God, "tasting and seeing that the Lord is good!!". As i was reading i thought it might about these scriptures and i thought it might bless you, Romans 12:1-3, Ephesians 6, and Philippians 4. You have probably already read this but Romans 12:1-3 talks about the renewing of the mind, when our mind wants to wonder and get distracted by circumstances God has given us the equipment to bring our mind under the subjection of his words. "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God" The word transformed is in the passive in the greek, and the renewing is a progressive gerund, meaning that if we actively meditate, think and believe the word, God will do the transformation. It's amazing our father did not leave us to the mercies of circumstances. I definitely do not do this perfectly, just yesterday i was wavering before circumstances, but nonetheless the word gives us all answers that pertain unto life and godliness (2 peter 1:1-2). Again i am so blessed to see believers fighting for the word of God in their hearts, we just have to remember He did not leave us pray to circumstances, but He equipped us to deal with all things through his words, His spirit and the body of Christ. What a loving God. God bless you!
    Linda Buckingham