Answered Questions

Promises Fulfilled tagged me for this meme. Thanks Promises! Although as I answered everything, I realized that I might be a tad bit of downer. No fear...I believe I'm overtired, over worked, and am in need of being by myself for more then a day or two....Anyways... here are the answers!

Where is your cell phone? right next to me and I LOVE it. A Samsung Blackjack that I scored for FREE!
Where is your significant other? working
Your hair color? blonde ... all nat..ur..all!
Your mother? dirty blonde
Your father? dirty blonde with gray
Your favorite thing? right now - deep conversations over a yummy cup of Starbucks hot chocolate
Your dream last night? had something to do with a friend, Camilla, who in real life is leaving to move back home to Washington state on Friday. Don't remember much, other then we were watching a movie and hanging out and I was sad that she was leaving.
Your dream/goal? to live in another country (anywhere) and be part of group of people who authentically, genuinely, live a loving life of giving, caring, and sharing Christ
The room you’re in? dining room
Your hobby? these days its learning how to be frugal and score things for free or close to it. But I also like to write and craft ALOT!
Your fear? Losing my family. And my children having to grow up without a mother.
Where were you last night? church - Wednesday service on Communication in the Family! Finally!
What you’re not? skinny!
One of your wish-list items? to get out of debt again and be financially secure enough to give generously
Where you grew up? Newport, PA
The last thing you did? made lunch for the kids and myself
What are you wearing? I'm going out by myself tonight. So I have cool pair of jeans, with a white 3/4 sleeve shirt on, with an orange/reddish sleeveless shirt on top of that and a brown buttoned down sweater over that. It's all about layers people!
Your TV? is mostly loved for the Wii that is now with it
Your pet? one black cat, named Diesel, who has added alot of flavor to our home
Your computer? two - dell, one desktop, one laptop. Both of which my personal computer techie takes very good care of. It helps to be married to a former computer geek!
Your mood? somewhat grouchy...just being honest
Missing someone? oh yea, my mom, my brother and his fam, Steph S, Steph J, EmBow and the fam, Leah, even CJ's parents
Your car? a dirty minivan
Something you’re not wearing? earrings YET
Favorite store? any store that gives me quality things for either FREE or very cheap
Your summer? I have no problems with ditching summer. Can't stand to be hot and despise humidity....
Love someone? my husband, a..lot. And my boys... too much to even put down on paper
Your favorite color? brown - right now
When is the last time you laughed? not sure - clearly this might be leading up to my grouchiness...
Last time you cried? I'm not sure when was the last time, but seriously I need to have a good cry and get the irritability out so that I can get on with life and be my normal happy self again!


  1. Hi Becky! I've finally made it on to your blog. Love the layout. :) Did you go to CVS yesterday? It was awesome there. Walgreens - not so much over my way.