Returning to Routines

Getting back to normal, whatever that may be in our house, is my primary goal these days. The main part of TESOL, is over. I still have a paper to write and a practicum to deliver next week. But the everyday class and crunch is officially done.

I'm thrilled to be back in the saddle as mama of this home. I'm working on cleaning up and reorganizing the messes that I and other created over the last couple of months. And since we had suspended the last two weeks of homeschooling, due to the volume of papers I had to write, I'm playing catch up with lessons. Still...I am happy and thankful for both taking the class and finishing it!

The thing that I really enjoy about homeschooling is that I get to spend serious time with both my kids. EJ astounds me at the level of conversations that we can have together. Z man is still working on focusing and completing work, but I love the smell of crayons and reading books with him. So teaching is really more time to soak them in and enjoy who they are.

Our mornings generally start out with lots of chores and breakfast. Right afterwards, we congregate into the living room with our bibles. Each of us takes a seat on couches and chairs. Quiet worship music is put on. And then all three of us individually take some time to read or look at our bibles.

One of my favorite moments of the day is when I can pray with them individually. Many times its my moment to declare who they are in Christ over them, to plead for help in character needs, to confess where I may have slipped as mama over them, and to thank the Lord repeatedly for the joy that they are in my life.

Yea, its good to be getting back into the groove again!


  1. I love the Bible/prayer time that you have with the boys - how awesome!