Knock Knock ... Is this Thing On???

two more days left of TESOL
2 more papers to write
one TESOL class to instruct
a sick child with fevers running upwards of 104
9 people (yes, we've increased again. But just for a couple of nights)
guests coming in next week
my mom's birthday on Monday
house cleaning
food shopping
coupons to cut, organize and search for
catching up with family members
thank you letters
time with God
spending time with my husband
time with my boys
getting back in the pool at the Y
and so much more....

These are the things that are on my mind these days. I'm looking forward to the last day of class on Friday and spending the last couple of days with my mom before she leaves. Then, I want to re claim my little life back, by enjoying time with my boys, homeschooling them, cleaning my house, chatting with the girls, sitting in my chair and reading my bible and praying and lots more.

See you next week - when I'm a little less bogged down!

BTW - found Facebook!


  1. Oh LIsts! I feel ya, I fell like I'm swimming in "things to do" lately also :) We'll breath soon right? Enjoy every minute though, you have a beautiful life