Weekend Plans

I'm so excited about this coming weekend! My mom has been with us for the last 7 weeks. She came down and settled in to be the "Granny Nanny," while I focused on my class. Honestly, I think the reason why I did so well in my class was because of all the help I received. My kids were completely taken care of when I was away in the afternoons. She truly was a huge blessing for me.

Unfortunately, she ended up getting the yucky cold virus that one of the girls brought home with her. Z man was subject to it as well. But, my mom, well she tends to get pretty stinkin sick. And so... she had to extend her stay.

The silver lining to it all??? My brother and his family will be coming to visit us on Friday!!! This is first time that they have been down here yet. And I am really super excited to see all of them. On top of it all, my mom will be here.

What a treat, my mom and my brother and his family all under my roof for a long weekend! I plan to take lots and lots of pictures, especially since we finally just got all the bright beautiful fall colors.


  1. I hope you have a very blessed weekend. Minus the sickness.